Edunetworking is a portal to provide free access to quality education through the medium of video lectures.
Using the latest technology, we create ground breaking digital videos for the education sector that make learning and teaching easier, more fun, and more effective. We are passionate about education and have invested over half a million man-hours to create in excess of 1500 videos covering every aspect for the grade VII, VIII, IX and X. These videos are meticulously prepared by the most experienced and prominent teachers of the field, covering everything in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. Schools and teachers can benefit from these videos by conducting video lectures along with the board teaching to make the learning more effective And all these videos are available free of cost !!!

The video content present on the website is unique in the following ways
● 100% mapped to National Curriculum Framework of NCERT
● Recorded at an optimum speed, appropriate for a particular subject
● Easier comprehension by students for whom English is 2nd language
● Clear sound and innovative course design for fun-filled learning
● Highly interactive content
● The facility to contact the teacher for any doubt is also present
● Bookmark the videos for future reference

We are on a mission to provide free access of quality education to each and every child of the nation. We believe ‘Right to education’ is a birthright of a child and he should get it.
We are trying to create a free library of videos covering all the topics from Class VII – XII to help the children learn what they want, when they want, at their own pace. The idea has got an overwhelmed support from the most prominent faculties of the respective field who voluntarily devoted their time, experience and knowledge to create these videos. We have seen so many similar videos on the internet but this approach is unique because for the first time the videos are prepared by the Indian teachers who our videos more relevant to our education systems. We are trying to create a network by linking all the individuals, young or adult, who want to contribute in the educational progress of the world.
This common platform will create a forum where any student can sign in and get his doubts clear. This idea is now turning into a revolution where teachers from all across the world are contacting us to record and upload videos.

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Email your queries and suggestions: info@edunetworking.com
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